Afghanistan Crisis: Panjshir lions kill 600 Taliban fighters

The Taliban appears to be weakening in Panjshir, Afghanistan. According to reports, at least 600 Taliban fighters have been killed in clashes against Panjshir resistance forces. Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi had earlier said that Khenj and Annaba districts had been engulfed amid heavy fighting in the region. The Taliban claimed to have captured at least four districts in Panjshir. Earlier, reports claimed that Taliban fighters had gone deep into the Panjshir Valley.

Reports said that the Taliban earlier carried out a major attack in Panjshir after talks broke down between resistance leader Ahmed Masood and the terrorist group. Panjshir also opposed Soviet forces in the 1980s and Taliban forces from 1996–2001, when it was in power in Afghanistan under anti-Taliban commander Ahmed Shah Massoud.

The Taliban have consolidated their positions in much of Afghanistan over the past two months by taking over key districts and provincial capitals, although, after the fall of the Ghani government in Kabul, many anti-Taliban fighters joined the resistance in Panjshir, part of the militant group. is opposing.

Meanwhile, the Taliban said on Sunday that a new, inclusive Afghan government was expected to be announced soon. We now live in a completely independent Afghanistan. The new government will be announced very soon. Anamulla Samangani, a member of the Taliban’s cultural commission, told Tolo News. Though Samgani did not give details about the structure and features of the future government, he said, “It will be an inclusive government and everyone will see themselves in it.

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