American defense industry in crisis: Target of companies is not being met without Indian talent, science degree holders can get exemption

The disadvantages of limiting green card visas are beginning to appear in the US under the policy of deterring foreign professionals. The US defense and semiconductor manufacturing industry is becoming hollow due to a shortage of professionals. US experts fear that due to lack of talent, America may lose its supremacy in the world of technology. In such a situation, the US Parliament, to attract STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) talent Is seriously considering exempting degree holders from the limit of green card. Due to which America should continue to dominate China in science and technology. More than 50 former national security officers have written letters to Parliament. He said in the letter that due to shortage of professionals, some important defense industries and semiconductor industry are not performing well after investing billions. There is a huge shortage of engineers in the US state of Arizona, Due to which Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company could not meet its target.

India gives science-technology talent to America
An investment of about Rs 1 lakh crore has been made on this plant. American semiconductor companies are having to outsource work. Indians can get the most benefit from the amendment being made to meet this shortfall. India is one of those 2 countries, which gives talent to America in the field of science-technology.

In a letter to the US Congress, it has been said, ‘China is the most important technology and geopolitics competitor. Which America has faced in recent times. The fight for America will be tough without the world’s STEM talent. As part of the proposed legislation, STEM PhD graduates should be exempted from the existing green card cap, the letter said. STEM master’s degree graduates may also be exempt, provided they work only in critical safety-related industries such as semiconductor manufacturing.

Experts said the bill should be central to the US strategy to remain competitive with China. National security goals cannot be achieved without STEM talent. America lags far behind China in semiconductor production.

Semiconductor production down in the US
In 1990 the US made about 40% of the world’s semiconductors. Whereas, today the country produces only 10% of semiconductors. Meanwhile, China not only intends to dominate the semiconductor market within the decade, but it also threatens the global supply of chips. Of which more than three-quarters are already produced in East Asia.

Even more risky is the situation with dynamic random-access memory chips, of which 93% are currently made in Taiwan, South Korea and China. In the case of leading-edge logic chips, the US does not produce any.

professionals going to canada
A White House official says that India will gain a lot after this provision is included in the American Competition Act. At present, 50% of advanced degree holders in the defense industrial sector are foreigners. In the semiconductor manufacturing industry, this figure is 63%. On the other hand, due to strictness on immigrants, professionals living in America are moving to countries like Canada. This trend has seen an increase of 128% between 2017 and 2019.

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