Australia Election 2022: Difficult for PM Morrison surrounded in his own party, results will come on Sunday; know everything

Parliamentary elections are going to be held in Australia on 21 May. The tenure of the government here is 3 years. Currently, the Prime Minister is Scott Morrison. Although six candidates are in the race for the Prime Minister post, the main contest is believed to be between Morrison’s coalition and Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese. Australia is one of the few countries in the world where voting is required by law. Those who do not do so are fined. Here are some important things to know about Australia’s election

this time the competition is tough
Australian media reports suggest that this time the electoral contest is quite tough. Prime Minister Scott Morrison was not able to win a straight victory in the last election as well. He formed the government with the help of smaller parties. Now only his allies are opposing him. Therefore, it is believed that no party will be able to get an absolute majority by winning a straight victory. To form the government, the help of small parties and independents will have to be taken.

Women’s vote is important
Women’s votes are considered to be very important in this election. Because of this there are allegations of discrimination against women. There has been only one female prime minister in Australian history and that was Julia Gillard. Only men are posted in important posts of the government. Morrison had to apologize to the country for the sexual exploitation of a female staffer in Parliament. This time most of the women are seen against his government.

Some important things about parliamentary elections

  1. Australia has two houses just like our country. The upper house is called the Senate and the lower house is called the House of Representatives. The leader of the party or coalition that gets the majority in the lower house becomes the prime minister. Voting for its 151 seats is to be held on May 21.
  2. Along with this, voting will also take place for 50% of the seats in the upper house. Its term is 6 years and half the members are changed every 3 years. Voting is also to be held for half of these members.
  3. All Australian citizens 18 years of age or older can vote. There is no age limit to become prime minister. In other words, people of 18 years of age or more who can vote, can also contest elections and become Prime Minister.

The focus will be on these issues

  1. The economy was better even in the era of Kovid. This year it expects growth of 4.25%.
  2. The unemployment rate stood at 4%, the lowest rate since 2008. Morrison was successful on issues such as the economy and unemployment.
  3. Fuel, electricity and other things are expensive. Morrison is facing opposition on this matter.
  4. Climate change is a big issue. The government was surrounded by forest fires and floods.
  5. Discrimination against women and not getting equal opportunities is also a big issue. Protests about this continue till now.

more emphasis on china
China recently signed a security agreement with the Solomon Islands. The Solomon Islands are just 2,000 kilometers from the north-east coast of Australia. It is obvious that the Australian people and government are worried about China’s antics, but are cautious. The opposition Labor Party alleges that Morrison’s foreign policy failed and that is why China has now reached the Solomon Islands.

To this, Morrison gives the answer that to deal with China, he chose the path of Quad. It consists of India, America, Japan and Australia. Australia has come very close to India in recent times.

when will the results come
Voting will take place in Australia on Saturday. Counting will start only a few hours after the end of voting. Results in India will be out only by Sunday morning. If any one party gets majority then there is no problem, but the matter is stuck, that is, if no one party gets majority, then it may take a few days for the picture to become clear. When Julia Gillard became PM in 2010, it took 15 days to form the government.

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