Battle of wives of star footballers reached London High Court: Fight over leaking Instagram story, now 21 lakh rupees sought in defamation case

The clash between the wives of England‘s star footballer Wayne Rooney and Jamie Vardy on Instagram has now reached the court. The high-profile defamation case of Rebecca Vardy and Colleen Rooney has reached the High Court of London. The court has asked Coleen Rooney to deposit 23 thousand pounds i.e. 21 lakh rupees.

The case dates back to October 2019 when Rooney accused Vardy of leaking false stories about his personal life to the media. He had extracted this information by conducting a sting operation for a month.

Personal photo was leaked in social media and newspaper
Wayne Rooney’s wife Colleen’s private post was leaked on social media. Colleen blamed it on Jamie Vardy’s wife Rebecca. He made this allegation by posting in front of his 1.3 million followers on Twitter. Colleen said that news based on her personal post from Rebecca Vardy’s Instagram account is being shared in the media. This news was published in the prestigious English newspaper ‘The Sun’

Spying on Reality TV Star
Coleen Rooney had also tweeted and said that ‘After about five months of research, I found out who is sharing the news based on my personal post. These news are being leaked from the Instagram account of reality TV star Rebecca Vardy. According to this ‘sting operation’, former footballer Jamie Vardy’s wife Rebecca is leaking these posts. My information was given to The Sun without my knowledge.

Block opened the secret to all followers on Instagram
Colleen says she blocked everyone but Rebecca Vardy on her Instagram to find out who was leaking her story. After this he posted his story, which only Rebecca saw, then it was found that she was watching his personal post.

Rebecca said if there was any doubt, it could have been resolved even on the phone.
Rebecca also responded on Twitter on the issue of Instagram and privacy. He wrote for Colleen that ‘if you think this is happening then you could have told me. Then I could change my password to see if it stopped Or not. Over the years, many people have had access to my Instagram account. It was only this week that I found out that I am following a lot of people I don’t even know and have never heard of.

I’m a celebrity, don’t drag me into all these things, I don’t need money and I’m not that funny. Then what will I gain by selling your news?’ Rebecca Vardy, 37, also said, ‘I like you very much, but I am very and sad that you made such disappointed against me. Even more strange than that, I have to deny it. You should have called me the first time something like this happened

This Instagram post was leaked

  1. According to the news published in ‘The Sun’ on August 15, Colleen went to Mexico for gender selection treatment with husband Wayne Rooney. According to sources, Colleen is very fond of daughters, so he went to Mexico as such treatment is legal there.
  2. On 28 September, another news was told that Colleen is returning to TV and for this she is in talks with the BBC. There were also reports that Wayne did not want to do this and he even told Colleen to do it.
  3. The third news was about Wayne Rooney buying a palace for £20 million.

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