Climbed on the 8th floor to save the girl: After saving, he left for work without meeting anyone, now got a medal

To save a three-year-old girl, a man showed such courage that people are now calling him a hero. This 37-year-old resident of Kazakhstan saw a girl hanging from the 8th floor while going to work. There were also other people gathered there. But no one was going upstairs to save the girl. In such a situation, the person hanging from the window without any support took off the girl safely from 80 feet above.

Was going to work with a friend, was seen hanging from the window

Sabit Shontakbaev was going to work with his friend as usual. Then he saw the crowd. The crowd was standing under a building. A small girl was trapped on the 8th floor window of that building. In such a situation, Sabit decided to save her and without any safety equipment, he took the girl down safely by hanging from the window.

Mother had gone shopping, the girl was alone in the house

The mother of a three-year-old girl had gone shopping leaving her alone at home. The girl was hanging from the window while playing. For this he had made pillows and ladders of his toys. While playing, the girl got stuck on the window itself. This window was 80 feet above the ground

It was getting late so after the rescue, Sabit went straight to work.

Sabit had seen the girl trapped while going to work. Sabit is late for work to save him. So after the rescue, he went straight to work with his friend without meeting anyone. They didn’t even wait for the girl’s mother to return from shopping. Now Sabit has been given a medal by the Government of Kazakhstan. People are seeing him as a hero.

According to a report in Daily Mail, Sabit told that ‘he does not think that he has done any heroic work. This is what everyone should do in such a situation

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