Corona tsunami may hit China: If zero corona policy ends, there will be 16 lakh deaths, claims study

A study by Fudan University of Shanghai found that if China abandons the zero corona policy, then there may be a tsunami of corona in the country. It will be difficult to control the Omicron variant of Corona in the country, which can cause 1.6 million deaths there.

According to a peer-reviewed study published in the journal Nature, China’s vaccination campaign in March will not be enough to build the immunity needed to stop the wave from the Omicron variant of the corona. At the same time, due to less vaccination of the elderly and the dependence on less effective local vaccines there, the risk of corona will increase.

Over 100 million people can be infected with Omicron
The study revealed that if the Chinese government lifts the restrictions imposed due to corona, then 100 million people can be infected with the Omicron variant of corona in the country. At the same time, more than 51 lakh people may have to be hospitalized and 16 lakh patients may die.

increased concern of the people
In the midst of rising corona cases in China, this study has increased the concern of the people. On Monday, about 3 thousand new cases of corona were reported in Shanghai. However, this number is much less than the daily corona cases reported in mid-April. In mid-April, an average of 26 thousand cases were being reported here every day. On Monday, 6 patients died in Shanghai. With this, the death toll has increased to 553.

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