D.Korea can come with Quad: will help in stopping China in Indo-Pacific, will be strong allies against North Korea

South Korea’s new President Eun Suk-yol is under pressure regarding national security due to deteriorating global and regional tensions. In the midst of all this, he aspires to be part of the Quad, a security forum designed to limit China’s growing ambitions in the Asia-Pacific. Experts say closer defense ties with other powers will boost South Korea’s national security at a time when it faces a routine threat from North Korea.

On the other hand, experts also say that Seoul cannot take much risk of opposition from its trading partner China. Yoon is left with a difficult task like walking on a rope and has no choice. By the way, Yoon is looking forward to joining the quad.

The President of South Korea met with the Australian Ambassador
On 3 May, just a week before his swearing-in, Yoon met with Katherine Rapper, the Australian ambassador in Seoul, and sought Australia’s support in engaging in Quad’s activities. Three days after the meeting, Yoon called on Indian Ambassador Sripriya Ranganathan to seek support for being part of the Quad’s activities. Yun 21 President of South Korea met with the Australian Ambassador
US President Joe Biden will be hosted in Seoul on May. It is believed that they will seek permission to attend the Quad meeting to be held in Tokyo on May 24 as an observer.

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