Demonstration of women in Kabul against Burqa decree: Said- this is not our hijab, the face was also kept open during the demonstration

Women protest against Taliban‘s burqa decree in Afghanistan. Women also kept their faces open during the demonstration in Kabul. They were raising slogans of ‘Justice, Justice’ on the streets.

Saira Sama Alimiyar, one of the protesting women, said – After all, we are also human and want to live in the same way. We do not want anyone to keep us captive in a corner of the house like an animal. Why are we being forced to completely cover our faces and bodies in public places? The protesting women said that the burqa is not our hijab. After all, why can we be safe only by hiding ourselves completely

Taliban fighters tried to stop
At the same time, when the women were demonstrating on the streets of Kabul, Taliban fighters tried to stop them from doing so. Apart from this, he also barred journalists covering the incident from reporting.

What is Taliban’s burqa decree?
The Taliban issued a new rule for women, saying that women will now have to wear a burqa in public places. If the woman does not cover her face outside the house, her father or the nearest male relative will be imprisoned or thrown out of government service.

A spokesman for the Taliban’s ministry of ‘promoting decency and preventing bad habits’ read out the order of Taliban Supreme Leader Hibatullah Akhundzada at a press conference in Kabul. The order also states that a blue colored burqa would be best for covering the face. This blue burqa became a symbol of the brutal rule of Taliban around the world between 1996 and 2001.

Ban on girls going to school
The Taliban decree, which came into force in Afghanistan, took away almost all the rights given to women, which America had given to women in 2001 after defeating the Taliban regime. After capturing Afghanistan in August 2021, the Taliban first started making changes in the education system. Girls studying in secondary school were banned from going to school. After some time the Taliban also allowed the secondary school to be reopened, but once again it reversed its decision and again banned girls from going to school.

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