Does Your Baby Turn 180 Degrees During Sleep: These Relaxed Sleeping Strategies; Humans learn to sleep straight with age

Young children not only make noise in the house throughout the day, but also disturb their parents by sleeping in a chaotic manner during sleep at night. Relatives complain that young children sleep freely and keep hitting their hands and feet.

Writer Jessica Gross says, ‘My 5-year-old daughter sleeps like crazy. By the time I wake up in the morning, she has turned 180 degrees or more from her original position. His head is down and his feet are on the pillow. Sometimes she is half on the bed and half under the bed. Not only this, many times I get sei in the posture of ballet dance. The most horrifying thing is his kicking in his sleep, which has hurt me many times.

Sleepwalking is normal for most babies

Gros says, “This behavior of my daughter forced me to talk to three sleep specialists. I asked them why young children sleep so much more often than adults or older children. Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology, Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Shelby Harris saysWalking during sleep is normal for most babies. Everyone, including adults, wakes up between sleep cycles. We learn with age to sleep with the head on the pillow and the feet down

baby moves body to sleep comfortably

So when babies wake up between sleep cycles, they tend to move their bodies to get to the most comfortable position. They don’t care whether they have a pillow under their head or not. Young children develop some unconventional ways to sleep, says Lynel Schneiberg, a fellow of sleep medicine at the American Academy of Sciences. Their routine may include kicking with the feet, rubbing the feet together or moving the body. same process they repeat in sleep At the same time, Dr. Craig Canapari, director of the Pediatric Sleep Medicine Program at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital, says, ‘If the child is very disturbed, then there is a need to talk to a pediatrician.

Talk to a pediatrician if baby sleeps upside down

Dr. Canapari says, ‘If the child wakes up frequently and then finds it difficult to fall asleep, it may be due to prolonged bedtime. If the child shows irritability in the morning or has behavioral problems during the day, then there may be a problem like not sleeping well. Snoring can be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea. Complaints of leg pain can be a sign of restless leg syndrome.

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