Helicopter as a gift to Imran: Farah, who fled to Dubai by duping billions, paid; Khan said – gift of fans

After the fall of the government, Imran Khan is holding tremendous rallies across Pakistan. In these rallies, the army is being targeted more than the Shahbaz Sharif regime. The reason for this is that as soon as the army removed its hand from Imran’s head, the government fell. However, Imran is holding fast rallies all over the country and is pressurizing the government to hold fresh elections immediately. For this they are sometimes using private jets, and sometimes a hired helicopter.

Now Imran has got a brand new helicopter. Where did it come from, who paid for it and why is Imran silent about it? These questions were being asked. However, Pakistan’s investigative journalist Asad Ali Toor has veiled these questions.

Where did the fly of Khan come from?
According to Asad- The whole of Pakistan wants to know from where did the chopper come to Imran? After a long investigation, we have got some evidence and other information.

Toor says- This chopper has been given to Imran by Farah Gogi aka Farah Shahzadi as a gift. Farah Gogi is the one who was most discussed during Imran’s government. Gogi is Imran’s third wife Bushra Bibi’s closest confidant and friend. Farah earned billions of rupees during Imran’s era and fled to Dubai on a private jet the day the government fell.

Khan hiding the truth
Toor says – as soon as it became clear that the helicopter had come in the eyes of the government and the people, Khan and his close friends got upset. This chopper was bought from America. Its payment was done from the bank of Dubai. When all this became clear, Khan started spreading rumors through his close friends that his supporters living in America and other countries had bought and donated this helicopter after collecting donations, so that he would not face any problem in the election campaign. However, the truth is something else.

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