Mother Teresa Death Anniversary: ​​When the voice of the soul changed Mother’s life

Mother Teresa came to India at the age of 19 to become a missionary, but during a train journey, the voice of her soul changed her life.

Mother Teresa did the work of giving a different height to service in her life. Mother Teresa became the first teacher after coming to India at the age of 19, but she never got satisfaction from education alone. At the age of 36, one of his experiences gave him the purpose of his life, for which he devoted his whole life. For his efforts, he received the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1979. Mother continued her Serving Humanity throughout her life. She left this world on 5 September 1997.


The intention of becoming a missionary since childhood

Mother Teresa was born on 26 August 1910 in Albania. She was very much influenced by the missionary life since childhood and the idea of ​​going to India started growing in her mind at the age of 12, listening to the stories of her service in Bengal, India. By the age of 18, she had decided that she would dedicate her life to religion.

Mother Teresa

Purpose of serving in India

Consolidating her intention to come to India, Mother Teresa decided to go to the Institute of Blessed Virgin Mary in Ireland in 1928, where its members are called Sisters of Loreto. His intention behind this was to become a missionary and learn English as it was the instruction language of the Sisters of Lorates in India.

Teaching jobs in India

Mother Teresa came to India in the year 1929 and spent her early training in Darjeeling where she learned Bengali and started teaching at St. Theresa’s School near her convent. In 1931 he took the first religious vow. Her childhood name was Acnes but she adopted the name Teresa here. Mother taught at Entale’s Lorette Convent School in Calcutta for 20 years, and in 1944 she became the school’s headmistress.

The moment when life got a new turn

Mother loved to teach, but the poverty around her used to make her very sad. The Bengal famine in 1943 and the subsequent Quami violence in August 1946 added to their suffering. In the same year, when Mother was going on a journey to Darjeeling, she was shaken by the voice of the soul. He realized intensely that he should now be with the poor by serving them. He accepted the message of God. It was he who told later that Jesus himself spoke to him and asked him to leave his teaching job and serve the poorest and sickest people of the city in the slums of Calcutta.

The beginning of the real struggle

Taking leave from school, Mother reached two saris with blue stripes as well as among the poor to serve humanity. Serving the poor proved to be a challenging journey. She had reached the poor in only two saris and had no money. To connect with the people, she changed her dress and adopted a sari.

Mother Teresa

Struggle with yourself

Initially, he had to live in a hut, and to feed the people, he did the work of begging. During this, she also struggled with herself. Still, she continued to work harder every day in her service. In the meantime, the attention of the people also went to him, and gradually the number of hands to help him increase.

And in 1950 he received the approval of the Missionaries of Charity from the Vatican. It was such a group of religious sisters, who had taken pledges to render services wholeheartedly for the selfless service of the poorest of the poor. It spread all over the world only in the 1960s. At the time of his death, the Missionaries of Charity were running in more than 120 countries with 450 brothers and five thousand sisters.

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