Musk’s taunt on US President: Said- It is wrong to think that the public chose him, people wanted less drama, so Biden won from Trump

Tesla owner Elon Musk remains in the discussion about his statements every day. This time he has tweeted about US President Joe Biden. He took a jibe at the US President, saying that Biden was elected president because people wanted less drama.

Musk said – Biden is wrong to think that he was chosen to replace America. He won the presidential election from Trump simply because people wanted less drama.

Earlier, Musk also tweeted about the election to be held in the US in the year 2024. A less divisive candidate would be better in the 2024 election, he said.

Twitter’s decision about Trump wrong
Here, Musk called the blocking of Trump’s Twitter handle wrong. He said- I think Trump’s Twitter account should be reinstated. Recently, Elon Musk called the decision to ban Trump’s Twitter account a mistake. Apart from this, he had said that after the completion of the Twitter deal, he would remove the ban on Donald Trump’s account.

Trump banned after violence in US Parliament

There were incidents of violence during the presidential election held in America last year. Trump supporters were blamed for this. After this, many companies including Twitter banned Trump on social media platforms. However, after Elon Musk bought Twitter, the Republican Party in America is demanding to remove the ban from Trump’s account.

Twitter closed Trump’s accounts because

Trump made two tweets after the announcement of the results of the US presidential election last year. In one, he described his supporters of violence as revolutionaries, in the other he said that he would not go to the presidential inauguration (Biden’s swearing-in) on January 20. A few minutes after these two tweets, the tweets of Trump’s account stopped showing and the message of the account suspend started showing.

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