Plane slips on Chinese runway: Fire breaks out in Tibet Airlines plane during take-off, 40 passengers injured in accident

A Tibet Airlines plane caught fire at China‘s Chongqing Airport on Thursday morning. At least 40 passengers have been injured in the accident. According to media reports, a flight at Chongqing International Airport descended from the runway during take-off, causing a fire in it.

113 passengers were aboard
There were 113 passengers and 9 crew members on board the plane. All the passengers have been evacuated safely and the injured have been taken to the hospital. A video of this incident has surfaced. It can be clearly seen in this video that the plane standing on the runway is on fire. Smoke can also be seen coming out of the plane. Water is being poured on the aircraft by the rescue team and efforts were made to douse the fire. At present the fire has been extinguished and the runway has been closed.

The plane was going from Chongqing to Nyangchi in Tibet
Tibet Airlines said that the plane was going from Chongqing in China to Nyangchi in Tibet. Suddenly the plane took off from the runway and caught fire. All the passengers and crew members have been evacuated safely. Some passengers with minor injuries have been sent to the hospital for treatment.

Aircraft accident happened before in China

China Eastern Passenger Airlines plane crashed in Guangxi, China. There were 123 passengers and 9 crew members on board. Everyone died. Flight MU 5735 took off from Kunming Changshui Airport at 1:15 pm. This flight was to reach Guangzhou at 3 pm. According to reports, the plane fell 30,000 feet in less than two minutes. Crashed after hitting the mountains at a speed of 563 km/h.

15 major plane accidents in the world last year
In the year 2021, there were 15 fatal plane crashes around the world. In which a total of 134 deaths occurred. The biggest accident was that of a Srivijaya Air Boeing 737-500, which crashed in Indonesia. All 61 people on board the plane died in the accident on 9 January 2021. The biggest plane crash in China happened in 2010, in which Henan Airlines’ Embraer E-190 crashed. In this accident, 44 of the 96 passengers on board the plane were killed.

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