Russia-Ukraine War Updates: Shock to Putin, Bulgaria will now repair Ukrainian tanks; Britain came forward to help Sweden-Finland

Protests against Russian President Vladimir Putin continue to grow in Europe after the attack on Ukraine. Bulgaria, considered close to Russia, has announced tough sanctions on Russia. In addition, Bulgaria has announced the repair of tanks and helicopters of the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainian army has also been assured of help. Bulgaria has expelled several top Russian embassy officials from their country on charges of espionage.

In the midst of the Ukraine crisis, Sweden and Finland have expressed their willingness to join NATO in view of the future threat. After which Russian attacks on these two countries are under threat. Finland will also apply for NATO membership.

Britain’s PM Boris Johnson has offered help to Sweden and Finland in the event of a Russian attack. Johnson says that Britain is in favor of giving Sweden membership of NATO. He will give support in voting on this issue.

  1. A Ukrainian commander has asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk for help in evacuating people trapped in Mariupol in a tweet.
  2.  According to the Financial Times, the European Union may spend $195 billion to reduce energy dependence on Russia.
  3. The Ukrainian army destroyed 8 Russian tanks, 6 armored vehicles and 1 anti-aircraft system in the Donbas region last day.
  4. Russians launched a missile attack on a grain warehouse in Kharkiv, killing one civilian.

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