Shanghai Lockdown: Export of essential goods to many countries becomes difficult, goods for radiology are not reaching New York

There is a lockdown in many parts of China since April. Strict restrictions on Kovid in Shanghai have started disrupting health services around the world. The trouble has reached America. Greater New York Hospital Assoc. X-rays, radiography and CT scans are being hampered by a shortage of the chemical agent Omnipaque, manufactured at Shanghai-based GE Healthcare. The association warned that supply cuts of up to 80% are possible for the next two months. The organization has appealed to the hospitals and testing labs to make necessary use of the stock

Only China will remain in profit

Dr. Matthew Steffen, head of the Berlin Social Science Center’s China Project and Chief Investigator, said that this lockdown is hurting the world economy. Only China will remain in profit. He further said that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s imposition of lockdown in 45 districts in the name of zero tolerance regarding Kovid appears to be a controversial decision. It’s the same as supporting Putin in the Ukraine war. China is the largest importing and exporting country in the world.

If imports and exports in China are disrupted, then raw materials start becoming cheaper for China and the bicycles made by them start becoming expensive even to semiconductors. China’s imports declined by 25% in March compared to August 2021. Due to this decision of China, the world will be forced to bear the brunt of inflation. Central banks will have to raise interest rates, which will lead to a severe economic slowdown. 100% of India’s potash comes from China, which is an important part of manure. If the supply is disrupted, Kharif crops will be affected.

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