Tech savvy, youthful enthusiasm… that’s why the government’s emphasis is on ‘Agriveer’, what is the reason given by the Ministry of Defense

place across the country against the government’s ‘Agneepath’ scheme. In such a situation, the army held a press conference to tell the specialty and need of this plan. It was said on behalf of the army that in order to see the modern times and need, it is necessary to give opportunities to the youth and prepare them for modern warfare. It was also told from the army that why so much emphasis is being given on the Agniveer scheme.

passion and balance
Senior military officers present in the press conference said that we want youth. We all know youth takes more risk. He has passion, passion. It is important for us to capture his passion and passion. In the press conference, it was said on behalf of the Ministry of Defense that through this scheme the ratio of youth and experienced people in the army will be equalized. The more experienced people are, the more youth they will be, that is, there will be a balance in enthusiasm and senses. On behalf of the army, it was said that now 46 thousand are being recruited but in future it will be done 50 to 60 thousand and then 90 thousand.

Tech savvy youth needed
In the press conference of the Ministry of Defense, the military officer said that the youth is very much needed for modern warfare. Battles are no longer fought with tanks as much as they are fought with drones. Now’s youth know how to operate phone etc. from childhood. So they can be useful for fighting modern warfare.

So that youth power increases in the army
The average age of the army is 32 years. Now it has to be reduced to 26 years. Our army needs a youthful profile. Lieutenant Puri told that after studying for two years, it was planned that how to make the army young. He said that other countries were also studied, in which it was found that even there the average age of the army is between 26 and 27 years.


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