Top 5 Upcoming Web Series: These 5 explosive web series will be released this year, magic will run on OTT

Top 5 Upcoming Web Series: After a long drought, the era of good web series is going to start once again on the OTT platform. Some of these are such that the audience is eagerly waiting for the next season.

Top 5 Upcoming Web Series: The wait of people waiting for a blast on OTT will end soon. Because such web series is about to be released which have worked their magic earlier. Now his second season or strong story is ready to return to rule the hearts of the audience once again. Anyway, from the Corona period till now the cinema halls were lying empty and the OTT platforms were freezing. But as soon as there is a relief, a good web series is going to come out here too. To see which are those web series which is going to end this long boredom.

1. Kota Factory 2

Kota factory came in the year 2019. As evident from the name of Kota, this web series was based on the coaching classes located in Kota, the burden of studies, the expectations of the parents and the ambitions of the children. The story of the children who left home and went to Kota to study is once again ready for a strong comeback.

2.Jamtara Season 2 (Jamtara)

This web series, made in a low budget, had captured the hearts of the audience with each of its characters. The first Jamtara was based on how children are robbed through phone fraud. Which ends at such a juncture that people themselves eagerly wait for the second season. Now soon its second season is going to be released on Netflix.

3. Delhi Crime 2

The painful Nirbhaya incident in Delhi cannot be forgotten. Opening the same crime layer by layer, the web series was Delhi Crime. This web series with excellent acting by actors like Shefali Shah, Rasika Duggal is going to return again with the second season. For the time being, it is being told that not only will there be all the old characters in it, the story will also move forward in such a way that people will automatically connect.

4. Finding Anamika

Madhuri Dixit, the Dhak Dhak girl of the big screen is all set for her digital debut. She will be seen on the Ototi platform through a thriller web series. A superstar actress suddenly disappears. His search begins and then from where does the story reach. This is what is shown in this web series.

5. Little Things 3

The rest of the season of this web series with a couple of dramas was excellent. Now for the fourth time, this story is going to bring something new again. The theme will be how a couple laughs, smiles, fights, loves, jokes and has fun in the midst of their struggles.

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