Trees and butterflies were shown coming out of Madonna’s private part: 3D nude artwork made for charity, people said – crazy in old age

Hollywood popstar Madonna and American digital artist Bipple’s ‘Mothers of Creation’ have created a ruckus on the internet. In this animated video from the NFT project, Madonna is seen without clothes and many things are shown coming out of her private part. For this video, users on the internet are trolling him in a bad way.

Video made to celebrate Motherhood

‘Mothers of Creation’ has been shot in three parts. In all three parts, Madonna is shown giving birth to things related to nature. The first part is titled ‘Mothers of Nature’ and focuses on plant life. In this, Popstar is shown giving birth to a tree lying on the bed of a lab. Which starts blooming as soon as it leaves their body.

Video made to the tune of ‘Justify my love’

The second part has been named ‘Mothers of Evolution’. Which focuses on animal life. In it, Madonna is shown naked and sitting on a modified vehicle in a shattered city. She spreads her legs and many butterflies emerge from inside them. The third part has been named ‘Mothers of Technology It has focus advanced technology. In this part Madonna is lying in the forest. And a worm (biomechanical centipede) comes out of his private part and starts crawling on his hands. In the video of all three parts, Madonna is seen singing the lyrics of her song ‘Justify My Love

Trees coming out of private parts, users upset on butterfly

This art work of Madonna and Beefle is not liked by the people at all. Twitter users are calling the ‘attention seeker’, ‘cringe’, and the video creepy. One user wrote – ‘Technology was a mistake’. So there, a user sarcastically wrote – ‘That’s all the world needs right now’. One user wrote – ‘This is sick thinking.’ Commenting on Madonna’s age, a user wrote – ‘She is really desperate to grab people’s attention in old age.

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