US President Joe Biden’s big disclosure on the relationship between Taliban and China, said these things

US President Joe Biden has made a big statement about China. Joe Biden has said that China has a real problem with the Taliban and that China is trying to negotiate a deal with the Taliban. He also said that what Pakistan does is what Russia and Iran do. At this time all the three countries are thinking about what to do now. Joe Biden said that I am sure that Pakistan, Russia, Iran are all going towards him. They are all trying to find out what the Taliban does now.

US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that China’s friendship with the Taliban is a real problem. This is the reason why China will make some arrangements with the new rulers of Afghanistan. When asked about the Taliban getting funding from China, Biden responded by saying that China is not unlike Pakistan, Russia, and Iran. China is just trying to figure out how to best respond to the new government announced by terrorists.

In fact, a few weeks before the occupation of Afghanistan, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met the Afghan Taliban Political Commission Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar to develop “friendly relations” between the two countries

On the other hand, the Taliban, which claims to be the flag bearer of Islam, shut its mouth on Uighur repression in China when the group’s top leader met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi because it has financial interests with Beijing.

Let us tell you that after withdrawing the army from Afghanistan, America is making every effort to hurt the Taliban financially. The US has refused to give Afghanistan’s reserves at the New York Federal Reserve to the Taliban.

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