Android 14 is here, and it’s all about improving the user experience. Check out the top features, including snazzy lock screen customisation and more.

It’s fair to say that Android is now a mature operating system. Google is seemingly done with tinkering with how the operating system looks and is instead focusing on how it feels. That grows more apparent with Android 14. The update, as expected, doesn’t bring about groundbreaking features or visual changes (except for the snazzy lock screen customisation). Rather, it prioritises improving existing functions and oiling up stuff under the hood so that everything runs smoother than before. Let’s take a look.


Android top features

Lock screen customisation

Android users have long appreciated the ability to personalise their home screens, but with Android 14, the customisation game has reached a new level. The update introduces a lock screen picker, lock screen templates, a monochromatic theme, and support for Ultra HDR images. But it doesn’t stop there – Android 14 also lets users create parallax effect wallpapers from their own photos, craft cartoon-style wallpapers with their favourite emojis, and even generate AI-powered wallpapers based on text prompts.

Notification flashes

Notification flashes have been available on some Android smartphones and iPhones, but with Android 14 it now becomes a part of the operating system. The feature lets you use your camera’s flash as a notification light and should come in handy for hearing-impaired users.

Better battery life

Changes in how the OS handles background tasks, downloads, and uploads, alongside other tweaks, promise a little extra juice for your smartphone. Plus, the return of the “screen time since last full charge” feature in the battery settings menu, missing since Android 12, is a welcome addition for those who closely monitor their device’s battery usage.

Improved support for larger screens

Android 14 promises apps that adapt gracefully to various screen sizes, including smartphones, folding phones, and tablets.

Photo and video access control

Concerned about apps having unrestricted access to your photos and videos? Android 14 introduces a solution by allowing users to select specific media that each app can access.

Larger fonts with smarter scaling

While Android 13 allowed font scaling up to 130 percent, Android 14 takes it a step further by allowing fonts to be scaled up to a whopping 200 percent. To ensure a coherent layout, the system employs nonlinear scaling, ensuring that already scaled elements like headings don’t get wonky.

Enhanced security

To hinder malware targeting older Android versions, the OS blocks the installation of apps designed for Android 5.1 and earlier. Android 14 also streamlines authentication with passkeys, enabling biometric login for more apps, reducing the reliance on passwords, and boosting overall security.

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